Hey there! I am 3D Modeler and texture artist from Madrid (Spain), specialized in character and creature modeling with an extensive knowledge in organic and non organic modeling, texturing, sculpting, as well as lighting fundamentals, compositing and traditional sculpting, currently employed at Blur Studio.



ESNE International School - Video game Design and Development - 4 year Degree
Gnomon School of VFX - Digital Production for Entertainment - 2 Year Diploma



GNOMON Best of Term Award - 2017 Summer Term - Character 3D Realistic (The Gentleman)
GNOMON Best of Term Award - 2017 Spring Term - Character 3D Stylized (Moonkiller)
GNOMON Best of Term Award - 2017 Winter Term - Digital Sculpting (The Barbarian)
GNOMON Best of Term Award - 2016 Fall Term - Character Design (Frankenstein's Creature)
Zbrush Central Top Row Feature - The Gentleman
CG Society - Editor's Choice- Three Times Award Winner
                      This is the art that catches our Editor’s eye. ” - CG Society
CG Society - CG Choice Award - Two Times Award Winner
                     “ This is a much coveted and rare honor. This golden badge represents the best in                        CG art ” - CG Society                   



CG Society Interview : http://www.cgsociety.org/news/article/3688/breaking-into-the-industry-with-alvaro-zabala
ESNE Interview : http://www.esne.es/factoria-de-talento/character-artist-y-modeler-en-blur-studio/ (Spanish interview)
Creature Design for film : https://80.lv/articles/creature-design-for-film/


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